Matterport is here! #matterportyourproperty today!

matterportlogoWe are thrilled to announce that we’ve found yet another amazing service offering for our clients. We’ve begun utilizing  what we believe will be an industry changing tool – a Matterport Pro 3D virtual tour camera. The camera has already been put to use for several clients, and has received rave reviews from the marketplace.


Matterport Dollhouse View

“Investment in technological innovations gives our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and the Matterport is a prime example of doing just that.”

Tricia Peterson, Co-Founder

Designed as a powerful, easy to use tool, Matterport collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes. With a focus on automation, all Matterport Spaces captured are processed, organized, and hosted in the Matterport Cloud for easy access anywhere. This cutting edge technology allows for different perspectives so that viewers can get a completely new appreciation for a property.


Matterport Inside View

Anyone who knows us knows that we are constantly looking for new ways to use technology in order to make the real estate process as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible, and the utilization of the Matterport camera is just one in a long line of technological innovations that we have always offered to clientele. As the first paperless real estate company in East Alabama, we use online and cloud-based solutions for all company and client needs. Team members are fully trained in Dotloop, a cloud-based online document management system that securely houses all real estate transactions. Dropbox is used for all company file management needs. In addition to our information rich and beautiful website, we host thriving Social Media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

 “Our commitment to technology doesn’t just benefit our clients. In addition to providing a great customer experience, we have increased business efficiency, which allows us to close more deals through utilizing effective processes.”

Nonet Reese, Three Sixty Co-Founder

Interested in learning more about this exciting new technology? Check it out on, and keep tabs on our Facebook page, where we will be posting all the listings that utilize Matterport. Want to use it for your own property? Start a conversation with us today!

Nonet and I take on Las Vegas for the International Builders Show!

Photo Jan 20, 10 31 04 PMNonet and I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for the International Builders Show {IBS} 2016, and I would like to share a little IBS Insider Commentary/ Vegas Travel Guide by Tricia with you!! 

First travel tip…. As business owners & moms with plenty of people back home who need us, Nonet & I always try to maximize our time at our locations and we have mastered that by not wasting a whole day for travel, especially when the trip is across the country. We took off late Monday evening and landed in Vegas around 10:45 – this wouldn’t have been so bad, as Vegas is just getting hopping this time of night, but we forgot about the terrible taxi line until we walked up to it! I’ve never seen a taxi line like this one. It took us about 45 minutes to grab a cab to the Caesar’s Palace! Apparently the extra long lines were from other people also trying to maximize their time – guess we aren’t so smart after all! So note to self: next year, we’re taking Uber or Lyft! 

Upon arriving at Caesar’s we found yet another line, but things moved pretty smoothly and we do love Caesar’s – it’s a great central location that we recommend! It is close to many of my favorite Vegas locations.

Since we were responsible and headed straight to our room Monday night, we got up bright and early (well kind of!) and headed off to IBS for a full day! If you have never been, you may have never seen anything like this conference. The Las Vegas Convention Center is HUGE and people are everywhere! We attended several sales & marketing classes, as well as learning about new trends for 2016. 

Photo Jan 20, 5 07 33 PM  Photo Jan 19, 12 44 33 PM  Photo Jan 21, 4 46 18 PM  Photo Jan 21, 5 37 29 PM

 The EXPO was amazing and our favorite experience there was on a “Universal Design” tour that concluded at the GE Monogram booth. I personally have found my next dishwasher purchase. Trust me, for me to be excited about that is pretty impressive. And yes, for all you coffee drinkers out there, you have GOT to check out the GE Refrigerator with the Keurig in the door. Yes, I said IN THE DOOR! It operates through the water line in the fridge so you never have to worry about adding water to your Keurig again. AMAZING. Great new cabinet designs were also discovered, and the colors of the past new years are still hot – driftwood, grays and of course white!

Photo Jan 20, 4 35 30 PM  Photo Jan 21, 4 49 09 PM  Photo Jan 21, 4 48 08 PM

Photo Jan 20, 10 27 25 PM

Don’t worry, we had plenty of fun too – when in Vegas, check out one of our tried & true favorites: Olives at The Bellagio. Tip: Make a reservation, but depending on the season, show up 1 hour to 30 minutes before and request a terrace seat so that you can enjoy the wonderful water show from the Bellagio Lakes! Some of our dining favorites at Olives are the tapenade they bring out with a variety of bread featuring a wonderful foccacia! Some of the other twists on traditional that we dream about in between trips are the tuna tartare & the dirty martini- be sure to order it with blue cheese stuffed olives and the rosemary sprig – we recommend Grey Goose – it will be served in the frostiest glass you have ever seen!

Photo Jan 21, 2 16 27 PMOne of our new favorites, for sure, is Giada at The Cromwell. The Cromwell was once Bill’s Gambling Hall – an eyesore on the strip – but now it is a trendy boutique hotel – wonderful, tucked away lobby, cozy casino and Giada’s Las Vegas flagship restaurant! So chic – love the decor and the food does not disappoint! It was so much fun to try some of my favorites from Giada’s cookbooks that I have made at home and to compare her version to my creation. Try her Rise & Shine juice and the Orzo Meatballs are at MUST! 

My favorite gambling venues are The Bellagio (because it smells like flowers!), Paris, where it always feels like mid afternoon because of the beautiful blue sky and The Wynn, with the extravagant flower displays. But lets face it – they all take your money, so don’t plan on coming home with any! 

More next time from the next trip – I had to repack my suitcase with snow gear this time… off to NYC for the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference less than 48 hours later!

Coming Soon… A New Home for Three Sixty!

IMG_1356We are thrilled to announce an upcoming office move to a new home in the heart of downtown Auburn. Tricia and Nonet have purchased a building at 411 Opelika Road and renovations are beginning right away! The new address will make us much more accessible to Clients and Realtors® alike, which is more important than ever, as our business has grown remarkably and staff has increased from 17 to 25 employees since the first of the year.

“As longtime residents of the area, we are thrilled to be part of the renewal of Opelika Road.” Nonet Reese, Three Sixty Owner

With an aggressive 90-day renovation schedule, the official move is scheduled for this August. The new office space will be tailored to fit our innovative company, with beautiful conference rooms, pod spaces, and rental offices upstairs, as well as some great outdoor spaces for interesting landscaping.ThreeSixtyOfcElevation

“I love the idea of taking an existing building and making it into something really special.” Tricia Peterson, Three Sixty Owner

Look for more to come as we begin an exciting journey to tear down, build up, and reclaim this building and to turn it into our new home! As anyone who has ever been through a renovation knows, there will be unexpected challenges along the way that we will strive to solve in creative ways.

Next step–DEMO!

Agent Spotlight – 5 Question Quiz with Tricia Peterson & Lessie McCreless

Our 5 Question Quiz was so fun last month, we’re doing it again with our March Spotlight Agents. I’ve put myself on the hot seat this time, along with our beloved Office Manager, Lessie McCreless. Enjoy these fun and interesting answers!

Lessie McCreless

Lessie McCreless1. What question do you hate to answer?

What do you want to eat?

2. What famous person do people tell you resemble?  What famous person do YOU think you resemble?

I have never had anyone say I resembled anyone famous, but if you picture long, straight, brown hair parted down the middle, I favored Ali McGraw, from the famous movie of 1970, Love Story. Google her, as most of Team 360 were not even born when that movie came out!

3. What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?

I like a banana sandwich with peanut butter on one slice of bread and mayonnaise on the other with barbecue potato chips on top of the banana slices. Sure, I’m proud of it… it’s delicious!

4. What is your favorite knock knock joke?

Knock, knock?  Who’s there? Imma!  Imma who?  Imma gon’ be late again.

5. What are you afraid of?


Tricia Peterson

Tricia Peterson1. What question do you hate to answer?

I don’t hate to answer it but I do get annoyed to get asked it “is your real name Patricia?”  Nope. Just Tricia.

2. What famous person do people tell you resemble?  What famous person do YOU think you resemble?

Just recently someone mentioned that I reminded them of a “young Sofia Loren”. What a huge compliment. I’m not so sure I see it though :). What famous person do YOU think you resemble? I think I resemble country music singer Sara Evans and have been told that from time to time as well. I think she is a lovely person inside and out! I definitely don’t have her voice though! That’s for sure!

3. What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?

Brunch is one of my favorite meals but I don’t eat eggs. I’m starting to find a few more people in this camp with me. But most people seem surprised that I don’t. I really wish I liked them. There are so many great  dishes like frittatas and quiches that look amazing but I just can’t bring myself to take a big bite. I probably stopped eating eggs when I was around 5 years old.

4. What is your favorite knock knock joke?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad to see me?  I’m sorry. I’m not very original. Or funny. When I get people laughing it’s normally at me, not with me!  And I’m ok with that!!

5. What are you afraid of?

I’m going to keep this light…. So RATS!!! Can’t stand them. Disgusting. They are so small and really can’t hurt you but….. I could handle a snake any day but a rodent just gives me the heeby jeeby’s!!

“Shop Your Yard” This Holiday Season

Here we go again—Celebrating, decorating, and entertaining!  This time, it’s in the gorgeous, urban farmhouse of Tricia Peterson, aka, my boss and decorating soulmate.  When she asked for my help, I knew it would be fun.  She really”gets me” and knows exactly what I mean when I say “Shop Your Yard”.  We did just that.

00240008We cut pine, cedar, magnolia, and several unknowns!  Tricia lives on beautiful property with a pond and sunset to die for.  She also happens to live beside a beautiful cotton field.  We took full advantage of all, making cotton, or “Southern Snow”, our theme.  We threw in interesting sticks, antlers, horse apples, and flowers.  You really just can’t go wrong when combining these elements.


0017I know we don’t all have the farmhouse and the view, but we can ALL make our house feel like home and a celebration when we “Shop Our Yard”!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Exciting projects will start the new year, so stay tuned!

Click here to see more pictures of Tricia’s beautiful home.

Why work with a REALTOR?

We know you wonder why?? In this day and age of information at your finger tips….what value can someone actually bring me? We get this question often and of course feel very strongly about what we offer as professionals! Take a look below…and of course we love to hear your thoughts too- leave us your comments!

Click Below to meet the REALTORS on our Team!

5 Reasons To Hire a RE Professional

Why work with a REALTOR?

Viva Las Vegas!

Just a few weeks ago, I attended the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, along with one of our other team members, Diana Ramage!

Now why, might you ask, would a real estate sales & marketing company attend the International Builders Show? Well….for us, there are several reasons. Our niche market is new construction home sales. For our builder clients, we like to hear about the newest innovations in home construction so that we can offer ideas and suggestions about the latest trends, we also learn about new design ideas in the marketplace and what is selling well in other areas. There is also a whole segment devoted to sales & marketing of new homes!

From our buyer clients perspective, the more knowledgeable we are of every aspect of new home construction, the better we can help represent them in the process of purchasing a new home, or building one from the ground up! We know what they should expect and look for in the quality of their new hom and we are familiar with industry standards.

In addition to all of these things, it’s just fun! And we have a great opportunity to network with others in our industry and get great ideas from the people we meet from other areas. Another highlight of our trip was touring the New American Home 2013. This 6,721 square foot home was built by Blue Heron, a Las Vegas design/build company. This home has a character all its own, one of its truly unique features is the water canal that runs from the very front entrance of the home, through the living spaces, flowing into one of the multiple swimming holes located throughout the interior of the home. The designers have mastered a new definition for indoor/outdoor living! They eloquently molded the indoor and outdoor spaces together, truly showing how you really have over 10,000 square feet of actual living space within the footprint of this special home. One of my favorite features of the home is the indoor/outdoor master shower!!! My words truly can’t describe it! Check out the pictures we took on our Facebook page and view video snippets of some of the special features throughout the home on our YouTube channel.

Why attend IBS?

As much as we love our little town, it is sometimes good to escape….
Recently some of our team attended the International Builder Show in Orlando, FL….why, might you wonder, would a real estate team need to attend a “builder show”…Watch and find out!