Agent Spotlight – 5 Question Quiz with Martha Williams & April Coulter

It’s time for our 5 question quiz with our May Spotlight Agents. Enjoy these fun and interesting answers!

Martha Williams

1. How do you start a conversation?

I usually introduce myself and try to find something me and the other person might have in common to talk about. I really enjoy meeting new people.

2. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

I am a big sushi lover, and eel is one of my favorites! The whole rare fish thing doesn’t bother me at all. The one I don’t care for and is the strangest thing to me is octopus.

3. What types of music do you listen to?

I am all over the spectrum on this one. One minute I’m listening to Rascal Flatts and the next it’s pop music. If I’m cooking and relaxing for the night, I find some soft jazz.

4. What is something you constantly lose?

My water bottle! I am always with one and tend to loose one all the time. It is nothing for me to have four scattered through the house and car by the end of the day because I keep leaving them places.

5. Who do you go to for advice?

My four best girlfriends – one of which is my best friend since we met in kindergarten and the others in college. We have a group chat that has been going on daily since group chats were possible. Between all of us someone has been through whatever situation might arise!


April Coulter

1. How do you start a conversation?

“Are you originally from here?”  I enjoy hearing people’s stories about where they are from and how they got here.  I love that Auburn is a melting pot of people from all around the country and the world, with different perspectives, traditions, thoughts and ideas.

2. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

My little boy likes to experiment with food dye when helping us cook.  I know he tries to tell me it should taste the same, no matter the color, but BLUE scrambled eggs are just not appealing to me!

3. What types of music do you listen to?

Every type, I love music!  It really just depends on my mood.  From classical to jazz to pop to country and everything in between, I find that music is great to set the mood, improve your mood or make a memory.

4. What is something you constantly lose?

I didn’t often lose things before I had children.  Now, it is an every day occurrence to locate the remote control in our home!

5. Who do you go to for advice?

My mom, my husband and my close friends.  They each are intelligent, know me well and have different perspectives.  They are always honest and challenge me to be the best I can be, while also being supportive of my hopes and dreams.

Pursue your passion and find joy in doing something you love!

Dearly Beloved picture

Cast of “Dearly Beloved” – that’s me in the middle!

When I went to the Fox Theater recently to see “Wicked,” I literally got chill bumps and my eyes filled with water just from pure excitement at one time because of my love for live theatre. My first time to perform on stage was when I was a senior in high school in the senior play for drama class. Great memories to end the senior year!

For several years when my children were involved in the local community children’s theatre, I was the “backstage mom,” doing makeup, helping with costumes and props. I enjoyed seeing the children and teens gain confidence through performing for the entertainment of others.

It wasn’t until my kids were teens that I auditioned again through their encouragement. Well, I knew I didn’t have a chance for the part I was trying out for because the actress had to sing! There was only one song that I had sung many times that I had to hope would do the trick….”Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I had sung it to my kids when they were babies in the privacy of my home only. It worked! I had the opportunity to perform as Frankie in “Dearly Beloved” with the help of a patient voice coach and an amazing director and cast. We had the time of our lives and still share a friendship I cherish! I have performed in other shows since and helped backstage.

I volunteer on the Auburn Area Community Theatre as the Co-Volunteer Chairman, because I enjoy encouraging others to get involved in our local theatre. If you have been thinking of pursuing a passion you once had or going after a new one, I encourage you to do so! There is much joy to be had when you are doing something you love!

2015 has started off with a bang!

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