{why work with a realtor?}

While many buyers think that a realtor exists to help them find a home to purchase, a Realtor actually provides many other services. First, a Realtor can help you located a reliable lender who can assist you with financing. A Realtor provides education about your local market conditions, advice about what to look for in a home, and suggestions about what you can find that will fit your budget. Buyers often have trouble distinguishing  between needs and desires, and a Realtor can help them set priorities in the context of their lifestyle and financial plans for the future. Realtors are expert at pointing out what to look for in a  home, such as structural features that are difficult to change; and what to ignore, such as paint colors or cosmetic items that are easily changed. Finally, Realtors provide expert negotiating skills and can recognize appropriate market value in the homes you’re considering. 

5 Reasons To Hire a RE Professional