Adris Ludlum is fascinated by ever-changing nature of real estate – whether it be home values, new developments or styles, there is always something new, interesting and exciting to bring to clients, which is the type of challenge he looks for in life.

Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, Adris got his start in front of a crowd early in life, helping his auctioneer father to “spot” bids at auctions. He also developed an interest in real estate from a young age, as both of his parents have worked in the field. After graduating from Auburn with a degree in Business Administration, Adris put his dedication and hard work to use in various industries, including a law firm in Dothan and an insurance marketing group in Houston. He returned to Auburn in 2013 to focus on his true passion of real estate, and he is putting his license to good use helping clients to find their dream homes.

An outdoor enthusiast, Adris has hiked over 1,300 miles of the Appalachian Trail and he enjoys mountain biking, fishing, lobstering, scuba diving, swimming, and just about anything else he can do as long as he is outside. He loves to travel, and has a goal to visit at least two new countries every year.

Adris is in the Masters of Brewing Science program at Auburn, where he hopes to hone the skills he has learned as a home brewer since 2011 – he won the AU Hotels Oktoberfest homebrew alley competition, and Blue Pants Brewery brewed a one-off of his beer that was featured on tap at the hotel in January 2014!

This dynamic realtor never slows down, and he recently began a new challenge. He proposed to his fiancé Courtney, and the couple is planning a wedding in 2015.