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Three Sixty has embraced multiple ways we can utilize technology to make the home buying experience more efficient and effective for you. No longer is there even a chance of a missed opportunity because of having to go back to the office to pull files or sign paperwork. By working in “the cloud”, everything is at our fingertips wherever and whenever we need it! These practices don’t just benefit you. We have found that, in addition to providing a great customer experience, our commitment to technological solutions increases our business efficiency, and allows us to close more deals through utilizing effective processes.

Real Estate has always been a “mobile” business, but now we can truly make that claim through the use of multiple online tools. We use our iPads and iPhones for much more than just communication – we are able to get electronic signatures or pull up a copy of your contract, your pre-approval letter, or that real estate listing we just heard about that is perfect for you. Additionally, our backend office is paperless and we store your documents for you! Just let us know when tax season rolls around – if you can’t find it, we have it!

At Three Sixty, we are constantly looking for new ways to use technology in order to make your home buying experience as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. It is this innovative mindset that makes us a leader in providing superior service to our clients and helps us in creating an inspired workplace for our staff.