Coming Soon… A New Home for Three Sixty!

IMG_1356We are thrilled to announce an upcoming office move to a new home in the heart of downtown Auburn. Tricia and Nonet have purchased a building at 411 Opelika Road and renovations are beginning right away! The new address will make us much more accessible to Clients and Realtors® alike, which is more important than ever, as our business has grown remarkably and staff has increased from 17 to 25 employees since the first of the year.

“As longtime residents of the area, we are thrilled to be part of the renewal of Opelika Road.” Nonet Reese, Three Sixty Owner

With an aggressive 90-day renovation schedule, the official move is scheduled for this August. The new office space will be tailored to fit our innovative company, with beautiful conference rooms, pod spaces, and rental offices upstairs, as well as some great outdoor spaces for interesting landscaping.ThreeSixtyOfcElevation

“I love the idea of taking an existing building and making it into something really special.” Tricia Peterson, Three Sixty Owner

Look for more to come as we begin an exciting journey to tear down, build up, and reclaim this building and to turn it into our new home! As anyone who has ever been through a renovation knows, there will be unexpected challenges along the way that we will strive to solve in creative ways.

Next step–DEMO!